How American Express is Integrating Social Media into its Marketing DNA

I remember my father gently chiding my grandfather as to his conservative approach to life. My grandfather was brought up when the world changed ever so slowly and never lived to see the mobile phone or the internet. He was a man who was very slow to adapt to change, which was common for his generation. 

His conservative approach was evidenced by the “belt and braces” approach to life… If his belt broke his braces were always there to hold his pants up. My father said this was the perfect example of a pessimist!
Being slow to adapt to change is not necessarily a bad thing but if business conservatism is standing in the way of innovation and company growth then it is not a positive but often a hindrance.
Large global brands in traditional conservative industries very often see social media as a threat because they hear and see PR horror stories. They feel they have much more to lose than gain by participating and embracing “new media”.
The truth is that social media is becoming a vital asset that provides global publishing platforms with enormous reach and velocity that are searchable and available 24 hours a day….Read more of this article, 78 Darling Street, Rozelle, NSW 2040, AUSTRALIA