How 5 Creative Brands Pin on Pinterest

by Jeff Bullas

On this planet of over 7 billion people, 2 billion internet users with 550 million websites creating massive amounts of “big data” it is sometimes hard to get noticed.How 5 Creative Brands Pin on Pinterest

Tweets on Twitter stream past your screens in torrents, Google+ refreshes with new images and updates every few seconds and on Facebook the ticker beckons us to click on our friends latest revelations and links.

You can buy influence and visibility to cut through this clutter or you can get smart and creative and crowd source your marketing with social media.

If you have a budget like Coca Cola then it is easier because big money buys massive media coverage. But  even Coke realised that on a social web that the fans and followers can create more stories online about you than you can ever hope to buy or produce with your own resources. So they changed their marketing strategy from “Creative Excellence” to “Content Excellence. Coca Cola called this crowd sourced marketing “liquid content“.

Two Principles of Social Media Marketing

Two core principles of social media marketing that don’t require a rocket science degree to understand and are the foundations to social media marketing success are as follows:

  1. Create unique content in a variety of media
  2. Market, hustle and  promote that content to your followers on the social networks that you have created and built.

The more engaged and the larger the tribes on these social media channels the greater the velocity and sharing that will result. Done correctly and with persistence will result in online visibility that will break through the clutter.


The Challenge

The barrier to success that a lot of people struggle with is that they want a quick fix. You need to be patient and persistent as this is an organic process that filters, permeates and weaves its way into and across the very aptly named world wide “web”

Pinterest is one of those social networks that makes it easy for people to share visual contagious content with no cut and paste but just with a few clicks of a mouse. The power of  visual content lies in its high share-ability.


So how are some brands using Pinterest as a B2B business, retailer or online publisher?