Digital Evangelism: This is revolutionary – free ebooks for cheap mobile phones. Plus two free Kindle downloads for you

[Please Share] Smartphone use is increasing dramatically in the Majority World. But for many poorer people who own mobiles or aspire to them, a simple phone is all they may afford for some years ahead.
So the new Worldreader system which turns these phones into smartphones of a sort, with cloud storage of ebooks, all accessed via the phone signal, is quite remarkable. Free ebooks can be placed in the hands of African school students, for instance. Read more, and watch the video: Watch at YouTube

Other initiatives are also enhancing mobiles in Africa, for instance Message Optimizer. There are growing opportunities for evangelism, discipleship and development. Follow the #mobmin hashtag for Twitter news, and check our recent posts about mobiles.

FREE Kindle ebooks for limited period

For a limited period (not sure how long), these two titles are free Kindle downloads.
If you don’t have a Kindle, then download from Amazon a free Kindle reader for your PC or smartphone, link it with your Amazon account and you are ready to go.
You may need to switch to your local Amazon store for these titles if you are outside US, and the link shows up as ‘pricing information not available’ – if it is available in your country, a link on the right-hand side will appear for you to switch countries and get the free download button.
The Final Assault: A Novel about Finishing the Task by Steve Smith, highly recommended on church planting.
Speaking of Jesus: The Art of Not-Evangelism by Carl Medearis. Another highly-recommended title.
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