Digital Evangelism Issues: The Hunger Games – engaging teens & twenties with spiritual parallels

The Hunger Games – engaging teens & twenties with spiritual parallels

[Please Share] The Hunger Games movie has released across the world, with critical acclaim. It may not be a film that would appeal to your mother, or perhaps even you – if your demographic is not teens and twenties. But be assured, most of your church youthgroup and their peers will see this one. And it’s definitely not a lightweight high school comedy. This is deep and serious.

Based on the popular book by Suzanne Collins, the film is set in a disfunctional future: background to story, film [spoiler warning] and plot.

With a gripping background of life and death, it can raise some serious spiritual questions. Get up to speed with the story, and then use as a discussion starter in youthgroups, online, or anywhere else.

Here’s some useful Christian analysis to get you started:

There is a huge lack of online evangelistic material to engage with lower-end or upper-end teens. This is one of our huge omissions as a church. Check The Youth Culture Report for thoughts and ideas.

Have you seen the film? Please add your thoughts in the Comments section.

Watch trailer on YouTube:

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