Digital Evangelism Issues: Social media – best practices for your non-profit or ministry

[Please share] Three infographics for the price of one:

  • Understanding your audience, strategies to use Facebook and Twitter, what to post.
  • More details on best times for posting.
  • Good content engages people on social media

If you wish to engage your entire country, and it has than one timezone, concentrate on the most populous area when choosing your times to post to Facebook or Twitter. For USA, this means Eastern Time. If you are an English-language ministry with a worldwide readership, USA (and therefore its east coast) are likely to be the largest segment, and you should probably prioritize for them.

Consider also using Pinterest.

And another thing…

A new strategic book is a remarkable explanation of using social media (and other options) to spread your message as a non-profit or ministry. It is a practical step-by-step masterclass which is getting glowing reviews: Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World by Michael Hyatt. We give it the very highest recommendation. Any non-profit, mission, charity, or church will benefit hugely from Hyatt’s insights.

And on Wednesday 4 July only, Paul Clifford’s book Tweeting Church: Good News in only 140 characters is free on Kindle*.

*You can download Kindle software to your PC or smartphone, you don’t need a Kindle to read Kindle books! This book is also available from English-speaking Amazon outlets – substitute the .com of the URL with .ca,, etc, or just search for the title on your national or nearest Amazon store.

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