Digital Evangelism Issues: Grammar mistakes that rob writing of credibility [lots of people really need to take this brief lesson to heart]

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Bad grammar and spelling are key factors that rob a website or blog of credibility (see infographic below). So says Professor Fogg, author of Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do in the Stanford Credibility Project where you can read chapters 6-7 of his book.
Web writing must also:
  • be shorter and easier to read than print. Edit repeatedly to cut word-count, shorten sentences, improve clarity and remove jargon or words that may not be understood by second-language English readers.

  • be proofread by someone else.
  • have enticing headlines and subheads, short paragraphs and lots of white space.
  • use bullet points to display lists of options or ideas.
  • follow a consistent house-style.
  • Web writing needs the gifts of a journalist, not a preacher.

    Test yourself?

    See these principles applied to the same article:
    before | after
    Spot how many differences you can see between the the two versions? Hint: there are at least 11! List those you can see, with your own thoughts, in our comments section.

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